Sound like David Gilmour for less than £200

David Gilmour’s sound is very distinctive and much sought after by guitarists so is it possible to get somewhere near that sound for less than the typical price of a solid state guitar amplifier? Well I think it is possible. Nowadays the market is flooded with many Chinese copies of sought-after pedals and amp simulations and with these a convincing Gilmour like sound is possible for less than £200.


David Gilmour is known for using many effects to get his sound and much of this will no doubt be high end professional gear but it definitely is possible to get somewhere near to his more typical sounds with some of the Chinese gear. I am thinking along the lines of another brick in the wall and shine on you crazy diamond as being a distinctive and typical Gilmour  signature sound. So rather than going out and purchasing a Hiwatt amp and cabinet and a vast arsenal of guitar fx pedals and instead looking for the cheaper alternatives before you have to remortgage your house and then annoy everyone in your neighbourhood by deafening them all, first consider what are you alternatives.

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