Counting 12/8 time-taking it further

As I previously published, counting 12/8 time can be done either in 1/8th notes or in my opinion more successfully in 16th notes. After careful consideration I have revised  & updated this system into a new and improved version which is now available only to site members.

My earlier counting system for counting 12/8 time used a 1,2,3,4,,5,6 count to count out the dotted Crochet Beat of 12/8 time. Just to recap that 12/8 time is actually 12 x 1/8th note (quavers) or 4 groups of 3 quavers. Sum up 3 quavers and you get a Crochet 1/4 note and a half which is equal to a dotted crochet. If you have difficulty understanding this you will need to research it on another music theory site.

I have now given this system further thought and there seems to me to be 2 issues of weakness. The logic to the system is good and remains fundamentally the same but I believed that the system could be improved further and this is what I have now achieved. I am now making this new & improved system available only to site members. Please follow this link.


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