Guitar Chords made simple-Part II

I am now going to work you through constructing the E Shape movable Chord Shape. Firstly we start with the E Shape Major Pattern from my C-A-G-E-D system. Here it is in diagrammatic form but you can see all the patterns here in C-A-G-E-D system.

Here is a E Shape major pattern from my C-A-G-E-D System for guitar.
Here is the E Shape Major Pattern from my C-A-G-E-D System for guitar. You will remember/notice that the scale pattern starts from the Vi note in the scale. This VI is the relative minor and the scale is the relative minor scale for the Major key that you are using.

From this pattern of notes we will begin to identify the Root notes , the 3rd of the scale and the 5th of the scale (R,III, and V respectively). We do this because any Major Chord usually consists of these 3 notes. Only the major pattern scale shapes are important when constructing chords because once we have identified the chord shape it is easy to alter the chord shape to make the minor shape by moving just one note. There will be more about this as we go on in further lessons.

E Shape Pattern shown identifying the Root, III and V notes used in chord building
E Shape Major pattern from my C-A-G-E-D System for Guitar. The diagram identifies the position of the Root, III and V notes of the Major Scale which we use in Chord Building

Finally we add the Chord Shape to the pattern.

movable E Shape chord
Here is the movable E Shape Chord

Now take away the Scale to leave just the chord Shape. This Chord shape can be used anywhere on the fingerboard. Just remember where the Root notes are in the pattern, So if you wanted to play an A major Chord for example you would locate the Root note over the A Note on the 6th String @ the 5th fret. Use the shape and you have your A Major Chord. If you wanted to move the same Shape to play a C Major Chord simply move this pattern up 3 frets to the 8th fret and there you will have the C major chord. Give it a try!

Here is a movable E Shape Chord
This is the resulting movable E Shape chord derived from the E major Pattern Scale Shape of my C-A-G-E-D System for Guitar.

So now we have all 3 chords which are the most useful in chord building. We can move these shapes anywhere on the fingerboard to make major Chords in any Key you wish simply locate the Root notes over the note you wish the chord to sound as.

Here is a diagrammatic summary of what we have learnt so far. In my system there are 3 basic major Chord shapes and here they are.

All 3 movable chord shapes
All 3 movable Major Chord Shapes. these are the most useful shapes to know.

Practice these chord shapes and move them around the fingerboard.

Next I will show you how to make minor chords out of these shapes. Then i will show you how to alter the chords to get Dominant 7th chords and more.

The next step is to examine the sequence in which the chords occur along the fretboard. Next>


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