I can make your cheap budget electric guitars play better

In my experience the difference between cheap budget electric guitars and more expensive high quality guitars is more marginal than you think. There are many similarities and often what actually differentiates them is the actual labour, care & attention to detail and skills that have been invested in the more expensive instrument and conversely deprived from the budget instrument. The price of the cheap instrument is likely to be because these factors, which are the most labour intensive steps in an instruments production, are often shortcut or neglected allowing the manufacturer to sell in the budget price range. By allowing the budget instrument to receive these at a later stage we can vastly bring up the quality of the cheap budget electric guitars up to a point of comparability with the more expensive guitars. Of course there will be some difference that cannot be eliminated using this process such as quality of the hardware used but again there is an opportunity to change these things on a budget instrument at a later stage.

I offer a fret levelling and Trussrod adjustment service

I currently offer a set up service to players that have cheap budget electric guitars costing under £400. These cheap budget electric guitars will normally benefit from a fret levelling service to improve play-ability and tone. This service includes a fret levelling and a fret crowning and polish with a set of new strings for £155. I can also include a neck adjustment if I believe that the trussrod is in good enough condition and accessible enough. Making trussrod adjustments can help improve the overall action of a guitar tailoring the action to a players style and preferences often enabling either a lower action or more relief. Trussrod adjustments cost £80. A full setup  of both together will cost £190.

In this way it is possible to vastly improve the sound and the play-ability of cheap budget electric guitars to the point at which they actually come very close to a much more expensive guitar costing multiple times more. After which there might be very little to separate them apart from the hardware used on the guitar but this can also be replaced and upgraded.

This service is only available to customers in the Hull and East Yorkshire areas due to postage considerations. Customers will be required to meet all delivery and courier costs on top of the cost for the service so it may be best suited to customers who are able to drop off the guitars themselves and who are also willing to collect when the job is completed.

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