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The CAGED system for guitar

Welcome to my approach to learning the CAGED Guitar System for guitar. There are many sources of information regarding the CAGED System for guitar. Many of these have value and in reality the System itself is really nothing new. My approach to the CAGED System for guitar builds on these resources but refines it and makes the whole system easier to understand. Anything that is less complicated and easier to learn must be good-Right! Many tutors that I have seen have seen approach the CAGED Guitar System for guitar by relating the System to the various Chord Shapes associated with it and this is the traditional approach.  What I mean here is that the patterns are named after the chords that the notes in the pattern are associated with. Don’t worry if you cannot understand anything I am talking about yet it will become clearer as we go on.

Doing this they  tend to  go on to confuse the student by having 2 names for what is essentially the same shape pattern by having one name for the minor and another different name for the major shape , both of which are totally different. So for instance they will have 2 totally different Patterns/Shapes for the E Form Pattern depending on whether it is  Major or Minor. Personally find this confusing and it distracts from the usefulness of the CAGED System for Guitar.

 With my System you only have to learn one Shape associated with the E Form and also for each other respective letter of C-A-G-E-D. This has to be easier to associate only one shape with each one of these 5 letters. In my method for the caged system for guitar you only have 5 shapes/patterns in total and it is where you place these shapes that determines whether or not they are Major or Minor Scale patterns. However if you already know the CAGED SYSTEM FOR GUITAR and are happy with it then possibly this new approach is not for you. However if you are currently struggling with some aspects of it’s teaching or are completely new to it and want to learn a new streamlined approach to the CAGED SYSTEM FOR GUITAR then read on and you might actually like my methods.

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